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Minimally invasive surgery - How to look for a good podiatrist

December 22, 2015


One of our patients had bunion surgery with minimally invasive surgery, and she was kind to give us her surgery experience telling us if it was painful, how long it took and much more...

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U.S. House of Representatives - Buddy Carter

April 27, 2015


Midtown Surgical Center in coordination with the Georgia Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers, continues to pursue its passion for improving healthcare in the state of Georgia through education and community partnership.


This spring Midtown Surgical Center hosted United States Congressman for a tour in our facility.



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Chatham District Attorney Meg Heap Visit

December 14, 2012


Meg Heap new DA of Chatham County was at Midtown Foot Clinic for a meet and greet and discussed upcoming healthcare in 2013


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Congressman Jack Kingston Visit

July 18, 2012


We hosted Jack Kingston to discuss the roll of ambulatory surgical center in today's healthcare.


This entities typically provide a family friendly environment with greater personnel service.





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Congressman John Barrow Visit

January 15, 2012


John Barrow represents the Savannah area and Georgia and sits on the board in Washington DC. He came to our facility to take a tour and see the services we provide.


He is also helping us to kick-off our campaign to collections for the homeless with the Salvation Army in Savannah.



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